a red octagonal stop sign armTechnology plays an integral role in business, but it can lead to many problems, which makes it critical to use IT services in Orange County. One of the primary issues companies deal with today is employees using unauthorized technology in the workplace. This common practice is also known as “Shadow IT” and poses significant security risks for any organization. Even worse, the vast majority of businesses are unaware their employees are engaging in this dangerous practice. Fortunately, the use of an IT security provider can help ensure each employee remains in compliance and isn’t using unauthorized technology. Here are three key ways a managed security service provider (MSSP) can keep your employees from making this critical mistake:

Additional Education

Many employees unintentionally use their own devices without realizing they are jeopardizing the security of the company. However, a cyber security company in Orange County can offer additional training courses to educate employees on the risks of using non-sanctioned technology. These training sessions can be held as often as needed and may prevent employees from making the seemingly innocent mistake of using their own devices without consulting the IT department.

Create BYOD Policy

Another effective way to prevent “Shadow IT” is through partnering with an IT services company in Orange County that offers Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. A BYOD policy can set guidelines that require employees to register any personal devices they will use in the workplace. Each device will have certain restrictions to prevent data loss, and company policies will be enforced at all times. Clearly defining the rules and regulations of these policies can help eliminate any confusion and enable each employee to understand their responsibilities.

Monitoring 24/7

Many businesses experience cybersecurity breaches because they are unable to monitor their network at all times. However, one of the primary benefits of partnering with an MSSP is that they observe your network continuously and will watch for suspicious activity. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, this proactive approach can prevent minor issues from developing into widespread problems. Continuous monitoring can also prevent employees from gaining unauthorized access to the network, which is just one more layer of security to keep your organization safe and protected.

Choosing to use IT services in Orange County can play an essential role in keeping companies protected, which includes preventing unauthorized devices from gaining access to the network. Intelecis is an IT security provider that focuses on helping organizations receive state-of-the-art security against internal and external threats. Our IT technicians are always available to answer questions and provide around-the-clock monitoring services. We can also provide courses to educate employees and prevent them from making costly mistakes that could result in severe consequences. Besides training, we can help you create an effective BYOD policy that keeps your company secure against the use of unauthorized devices. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we can set up a meeting to explain the immense benefits of partnering with an IT security provider in today’s business environment.