Just about everything important requires some sort of maintenance. The same is true of IT security features. Such features should be audited from time to time to ensure they function as designed. Following is the examination of IT services experts in Los Angeles on the importance of periodic security assessments:

Security Assessments

Periodic security assessments ensure your organization is adhering to regulations set by the government and/or other entities. If the systems that manage your data are not fully secure, you should know about it before a breach occurs.

Even if you are not bound by the government’s regulations, you can still benefit from a regular security assessment. An assessment will help you determine if your security has been breached. After all, you might not be aware of a breach unless you take the time to look. You can also tout your regular security assessments when marketing your services. These assessments show prospective and current clients that security means a lot to your organization.

Identify Avenues of Attack

The paths evildoers take to attack your organization will be highlighted in a periodic security audit. This is an opportunity to evaluate the ways in which your organization is vulnerable. The audit will show internal as well as external means of attack.

Stay Updated on Patches

A security assessment will ensure your organization is up-to-date on patches. Everything from servers to workstations and operating systems must be tended to. Infrastructure services like DNS and email and enterprise applications like databases are also important. This is a chance to review patch status as well as the organization’s patch policies. If patch policies are not adhered to or if lag time is excessive, changes must be made. An IT services group in Los Angeles can help.

Best Practices for Infrastructure

Your organization should remain in lockstep with the industry’s best practices. It is advisable to compare your organization’s security infrastructure with those of your competitors. Keep in mind that digital security is relative rather than absolute. Continue to assess risk, make improvements and do what is necessary to avoid lagging behind the pack so hackers are less inclined to target your organization.

Protect Against Viruses

The source of a virus could be anything from a website to a staff member’s laptop, an infected USB drive or something else. This is a chance to review the functionality of your organization’s antivirus software. Determine if your organization is adequately prepared to halt viruses in the event that countermeasures do not succeed.

A Review of Network Security Architecture

The manner in which your network is protected along its perimeter should not be overlooked. A periodic security assessment provides the opportunity to analyze and improve how this important component of your organization’s security architecture is preserved and segmented to cap the damaged spurred by errant applications.

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