Need for MobilityIT services providers in Los Angeles have seen a notable rise in mobility for SMBs. It is now becoming a priority for all businesses regardless of size. Employees are increasingly using apps and devices that make them productive even when they are on the go. Personal devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones have become an extension of people’s lives.

The traditional concept of the way work is supposed to be has changed. If you walk into a restaurant, you will not fail to notice someone sitting in a corner busy on his or her laptop. The same case applies to airports, buses, and trains where you will notice people busy on their devices, probably doing business and trying to close sales while on the go. Going to a meeting with someone over the phone is also something that is happening today. All the above are examples of mobility, which are all possible courtesy of advances in technology.

SMBs have to remain competitive. This means that it is a necessity for them to welcome the idea of having a mobile workplace. To remain relevant in today’s very competitive business world, one has to implement business solutions that are mobile-friendly and easy.

How SMBs are Responding to Mobility

IT services providers in Los Angeles have noted that a good number of SMBs are actually adopting this trend. It is every business owner’s dream to increase productivity and profits. Going mobile can help!

What Are the Benefits of Mobility for SMBs?

Mobile solutions are largely based on cloud computing. This means that your employees can access information from wherever they may be. In addition, this promotes integration and collaboration.

Apart from the normal collaboration and productivity, there are many mobile apps and software available now, which you can use while on the go. Some of them include customer relationship management, expense reporting, timekeeping and many other apps that help in a mobile work environment.

Another advantage of mobility is the fact that an SMB can hire skilled employees regardless of where they reside. Distance will not be a problem because, with mobility, you can still get the task accomplished from anywhere at any time.

To stay relevant in how business is conducted today, SMBs must shun those traditional work habits, such as tracking expenses using loads of receipts pinned together, which require one to be in the office physically.

What Is the Ultimate Solution Then?

As stated above, it is time for SMBs to embrace automation in the cloud, which will, in turn, welcome in mobility. For example, with Concur Expense, employees can access, approve, and submit expense reports even when on the go. The best part is that it is free of errors, quick and easy.

If you are an SMB that is still strict on the traditional office setting type of work environment, it is time to consult with an IT services provider in Los Angeles to get tools that will enable you to go mobile. At Intelecis, Inc., we can help you achieve mobility by managing your mobile apps and data. Contact us today to learn more about this beneficial idea for your SMB.