Mobile SecurityIT services experts in Los Angeles help businesses improve their mobile security for their devices as the use of mobile devices continues to grow in the workplace. Mobile devices are beneficial for employees that are always traveling because they can take these devices with them and access work-related files at any time. Certainly, these conveniences are not without risk and that is why it is essential to partner with a managed security service provider (MSSP) to keep all of your devices well-protected. Here are four ways an MSSP can improve mobile security in your company.

1. Create a Passcode

The first step in securing any mobile device is the creation of a passcode. These passcodes consist of multiple digits and are the first line of defense against any unauthorized users. Many new phones now offer fingerprint identification or facial recognition, which is much more secure than a simple passcode. An MSSP can ensure that each employee has a passcode on each device and make sure that they are taking advantage of the latest technology available.

2. Only Use Trusted Apps

An IT services provider in Los Angeles can prevent employees from downloading unsafe apps. While the most popular apps are typically safe, sometimes an employee can download an obscure app that is infected with malware. However, an MSSP can limit the use of apps and will only approve apps that are safe and work-related.

3. Frequent Updates

Do your employees have access to the latest updates? Obviously, software updates are critical for mobile devices and an MSSP can make sure that each employee has downloaded the latest update. Failure to install these updates can lead to many problems and cause the company to be exposed to unnecessary security threats. These updates will not only improve security, they can also improve employee productivity.

4. Data Backups

The use of data backups is critical for any business, especially for employees that use mobile devices at work. Data can be lost in an instant through a variety of circumstances. However, an MSSP can help you easily restore lost data through the use of data backups. These backups will be created on a daily basis and will be automatically generated as soon as any data changes.

An IT services provider in Los Angeles can have a significant impact on your company, which includes improved mobile security. Intelecis is an MSSP that focuses on keeping businesses secure with the help of the latest technology. We provide the best customer support available and will always look for new ways to improve our services. We understand the importance of mobile security, as many cyber threats are designed to steal valuable data from mobile devices. Our staff is always available to provide guidance and answer any questions related to cybersecurity. Contact us now if you wish to learn more about mobile security. We would love to set up a meeting to discuss the importance of mobile security in the workplace.