We know you face unique challenges with managing your IT. Aren’t you tired of downtimes because of technology and you just want your hospital to run smoothly?  Imagine going through your client database to find patient history and a malfunction takes place. We understand how inconvenient it is. You are sick and tired of the stress busy vet days bring to you and your staff from angry pet owners who want their pets to be catered to immediately. You are stressed by how unorganized patient charts are, and instead of taking care of sick patients right away, you spend time fixing your computer because all valuable patient information is in there.


Your time is valuable and it would be great if all you need to get done each day is productive. The inconvenience affects everyone. And you don’t want that to happen anymore.


You want a reliable IT that fits all your needs and makes your day-to-day operations efficient and easier. Patient care is your main concern and that’s why you don’t need to manage all the other background operations in your business. All you need is the right IT support that let’s you do all the patient care functions while managing not the technology that is helping your hospital run smoothly.


At Intelecis, we take a closer look and analyze what your business really needs. We will create a unique system that is very convenient for your hospital and your employees. Each business is unique which is why we tailor systems that suit just right for you. Tired of unreliable IT support in times of trouble? Our expert IT guys are very responsive and available 24/7. You don’t need to wait a few hours of create a ticket for your problem to be addressed. Our main concern is your productivity. We will help you avoid downtimes and get you to that fast and more productive pace your business ever had.


If you want to discuss more details about how our IT services can help your Vet Clinic, talk to us today.