The numerous IT issues that come with running a legal company can make or break a case. Intelecis can assist you with the selection, implementation, and optimization of IT infrastructure, backup, email, IT security, and disaster recovery solutions.

In the past, data security difficulties, a lack of technological expertise and resources, and expensive implementation and upkeep costs for new systems have been problems for the legal profession. Legal firms frequently overlook the hazards associated with modernization, though. Below are some things a Law Firm must consider:

  1. Some of the veteran attorneys who have mastered the field may be reluctant to adopt secure IT practices. Would your grandfather have faith in an autonomous vehicle? Putting trust aside, technology can initially seem scary. After all, even the most tech-savvy employees might get confused and slowed down by two-factor authentication.
  2. One of the major worries for law firms is security, particularly with the rise in remote operations. The fundamental problem here is that while most reputable companies are well-prepared for security challenges inside the workplace, very few can make the same claim regarding the state of remote or hybrid work models. The cloud will also provide the answer because it has the opportunity for the highest levels of security. To lessen the security hazard, a move to the cloud must occur concurrently with adequate personnel training.
  3. Cloud storage, digital data centralization, sophisticated data processing tools, and other IT components must abide by compliance guidelines. Violations can result in costly fines and irreparable harm to a company’s hard-won reputation.

Having a realistic assessment of the variety of systems, platforms, applications, networks, and staff training that make up your current system is the first step in developing a safe IT system that satisfies the demands of your clients and team. Legal IT best practices can be easily and confidently incorporated for lawyers by hiring the services of an IT solutions provider like Intelecis. We offer managed IT services, business continuity, VoIP, cloud services, and security services at all levels of consulting. Talk to us today!