During recent years, hackers have gotten more creative with ways to attack businesses with Ransomware. No one is secure for this type of attack unless you get yourself protected. Our ever evolving business processes come with risks as we are now in the golden era of digitalization. And the threat is now even higher. Any company that uses computers and the internet is exposed to the possibility of a ransomware attack.


Any type of business is prone to a cyber attack if they are not too careful. If you informed your clients that a hacker had stolen their data and you needed to pay a price to retrieve the said  data, how would they react? How long could you keep up with your running expenses if your system and source of income were frozen? Do you know how to recover from it? There is a lot at stake, and even a small violation might have serious consequences. Is your business ready for any of this at all?



Here are tips to get your business ready to face any Ransomware attacks:


Construct a Defense

Your willingness to pay a ransom just to get it over with is probably much higher than what you would spend on security measures. That alone should motivate you to start working on strengthening your ransomware protection right away.


Educate and Train your Employees

Is your company really secure if your personnel are unsure of how to spot and block illicit activity? You must ensure that everyone in the operation is aware of the warning indications and cautionary indicators, especially as criminal activity becomes more complex. You should train your people about the early signs of a Ransomware attack.


Optimize your IT

Make sure your systems can identify and get rid of as many ransomware variants as they can. The more automatically your security measures are implemented, the more probable it is that you will discover problems before they get past your defenses.


Do Regular Backups

Backing up your data is usually a good idea, but you might want to do it more frequently than you initially think. Not prepared to risk losing more data than a day’s worth? Simply make a backup every day. Regularly check the integrity of your backups as well.



You were hacked despite your best efforts, and your data is now locked. You can contain and stop the attack if you have a solid plan in place. The most crucial period of time, however, is the first 48 hours following the attack.


You can report the attack to the authorities as they have a specific cyber crime department who are always ready to respond. Also, you can rely on the help from expert IT guys to help you recover your data without having to pay the ransom. There is always a way to recover if you get yourself and your employees to learn all the basics about Ransomware and how to have your business secured from it.


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