city of Los Angeles sealAre you a resident of Los Angeles, CA? Are you a tourist planning to visit the city? Here are some interesting facts you should know about Los Angeles, CA.

1. LA is the only city in North America to host the Summer Olympics twice and is also supposed to host the 2028 Olympics.

2. When the city was founded, it was known as “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de Los Angeles Sobre el Rio Porciuncula”. When translated, it means “the town of our Lady Queen of the angels on the Porciuncula River.” Currently, the city has so many nicknames such as La La Land, City of Angles, Tinsel Town, Angel Town, City of Flowers And Sunshine and also The Big Orange.

3. Los Angeles is the home of US film industry. By 1870, Hollywood was just a small community but by 1903, it was incorporated as a municipality. By 1910, it was consolidated with LA. Thereafter, the renowned US film industry sprouted. Today, Hollywood is the most renowned film industry globally.

4. As home of Hollywood, Los Angeles has a funny history regarding how it came to be known as such. Well, Thomas Edison owned a lot of the country’s film patents. He lived in New Jersey. Therefore, many filmmakers fled to Los Angeles while running away from Edison’s intellectual property claims and that’s the Hollywood we know today.

5. LA is prone to earthquakes since it is located on the Pacific Rim of Fire. Each year, the city records at least 10,000 earthquakes, especially in Southern California.

Los Angeles City Hall View6. It is one of the largest oil manufacturers in the US. In 1892, oil was discovered near what’s known as the Dodger Stadium today. By the year 1923, LA produced at least a quarter of the world’s oil. There’s an oil derrick located on the property of Beverly Hills High School. It produces about 400 barrels of oil every day. As expected, the school receives $300,000 annually in royalties. Actually, a large chunk of the city is a desert but it has been developed continuously, thanks to oil production so it rarely stands out as such.

7. Some of the renowned places in Los Angeles county include Beverly Hills and the Santa Monica Pier. However, they didn’t start out as reputable as they are today. For instance, Beverly Hills was a simple lima bean ranch. The Santa Monica Pier was previously designed to protect a sewage pipe that poured its contents into the ocean.

8. Los Angeles is home to the famous Hollywood sign. The sign towers above the city and has always attracted a lot of vandalism over the years. Previously, the sign read as Hollywoodland. It was used as an advertisement for LA’s newest real estate development.

9. The official flower of the city is known the Bird of paradise. The biological name of the plant is Strelitzia Reginae and it originated from South Africa. On the other hand, the official tree of Los Angeles is the Coral Tree. The biological names are Erythrina caffra. It is often cultivated in India and traces its roots to Southeastern Africa.