Intelecis Shines Bright at the 16th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards
for Women in Business


Fullerton – California – Intelecis a leading advocate for women’s empowerment in the workplace and a trailblazer in influencing, inspiring, and empowering those they touch to reach their goals, is thrilled to announce its outstanding achievements at the esteemed 16th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for Women in Business. The Globee Awards, renowned for their commitment to recognizing women’s excellence in the business world, have bestowed upon Mikaela Angela the honor of being a standout winner in this year’s prestigious recognition program.

The 16th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for Women in Business celebrate women-led organizations and individuals who have showcased exceptional dedication and innovation across various business categories. This esteemed accolade applauds remarkable customer service, innovation, leadership, and more accomplishments. With participants ranging from pioneering startups to small and medium-sized enterprises and established corporations, this awards program wholeheartedly embraces organizations of all sizes and industries.


Mikaela is the magic-maker behind our brand’s skyrocketing success. With her, results aren’t just results; they’re fireworks of achievement that light up the night sky of our business.

She’s the relentless engine that never runs out of steam. Mikaela breathes marketing, day in and day out, her passion setting her on fire. She’s like a superhero with a cape made of creativity, flying through the challenges that others only dream of conquering.

Mikaela isn’t just a director; she’s a visionary. She doesn’t follow trends; she creates them. Her innovative ideas can make your heart skip a beat and your competition break into a cold sweat. She doesn’t just think outside the box; she throws the box away and builds a rocket to explore uncharted marketing galaxies.

But it’s not just her genius ideas that set her apart; it’s her unwavering determination. Mikaela’s work ethic could move mountains. She’s the first to arrive and the last to leave, crafting marketing masterpieces that leave us all in awe.

What truly makes Mikaela extraordinary is her ability to connect with people on a deep, emotional level. She doesn’t just market products; she tells stories that touch the soul. She doesn’t sell; she builds relationships. She knows that behind every data point is a real person, and she treats them with respect and care.

Mikaela is more than a Chief of Marketing; she’s a force of nature. Her passion, innovation, dedication, and humanity are the driving forces behind our business’s triumphs. With her at the helm, we’re not just achieving greatness; we’re redefining it.

“We are deeply honored to emerge as victors in the 16th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for Women in Business,” exclaimed Frans Trisnadi. “This prestigious recognition is a testament to our remarkable individuals and teams’ unrelenting commitment and exceptional contributions. They continually strive to address the critical challenges organizations face today, especially those concerning IT Support, Cyber Security, and Compliance. We want to express our sincere gratitude to the esteemed judges for recognizing us. We are committed to providing innovative solutions and outstanding service to our valued clients, and this award motivates us to strive harder and keep making positive changes in our industry.”

San Madan, President of Globee Awards, wholeheartedly congratulated the remarkable winners, stating, “Heartiest congratulations to the extraordinary victors of the 16th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for Women in Business. Your remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence have set new benchmarks in the industry. Each of you has showcased unparalleled innovation, leadership, and perseverance, embodying the true spirit of business excellence. May your success serve as an inspiration and catalyst for others to reach greater heights. Here’s to your ongoing triumphs and the enduring positive impact you make. Well done!”

The rigorous judging process involved over 180 esteemed experts, both women and men, from around the globe, representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives. You can learn more about our distinguished panel of judges here:

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The Globee Awards present recognition in nine programs and competitions, including the Globee® Awards for American Business, Globee® Business Awards, Globee® Awards for Customer Excellence, Globee® Awards for Cybersecurity, Globee® Awards for Disruptors, Golden Bridge Awards®, Globee® Awards for Information Technology, Globee® Awards for Leadership, and Globee® Awards for Women In Business. To learn more about the Globee Awards, please visit their official website:

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About Your Company

Intelecis is the leading IT Support and Cyber Security Company in Southern California. Our goal is to influence, inspire, and empower those we touch to reach their goals. Our motto is simple but powerful: “Always Deliver WOW.” And live up to it every single day, just ask our 5-Star Google Reviews. We don’t just meet expectations; we blow them away. When you work with us, you’re not just a client; you’re family. We’ve got your back, keeping your digital world safe and sound, so you can focus on what matters the most.

In a world filled with tech troubles and cybersecurity scares, Intelecis is your guiding light- we’re you’re White Knights. We’re not just leading the way; we’re blazing a trail of trust, reliability, and excellence.

For media inquiries or more information about Intelecis, please contact: Mikaela Malabanan, Marketing Director, , 949-432-9208

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