As per the data reports by Forrester, it is expected that internal incidents might leads to an increase in the overall incidents of data breaches in the coming year –witnessing an increase of around 8 percent in comparison to 2020.

Around 33 percent of incidents related to data breach by the time of 2021 are expected to increase due to the insiders. This has been laid out by the research reports by Forrester Cyber Security Predictions.

It is almost around 8 percent increase in comparison to 2020 –when around 25 percent of data breaches had been caused due to internal incidents. The given internal incidents are known to include accidental incidents –along with the ones that have been the result of malicious intent.

The overall increase in the number of insider incidents is mostly likely due to the unprecedented change in the respective working environments –from the office-based environment to remote working at the time of nation-wide lockdowns. Some of the other contributing factors as specified by Forrester reports are the overall ease with which vital data gets moved along with the overall fear of getting redundant during transmission.

How can Data Privacy Threats Increase in 2021?

As per the reports by Forrester, it is estimated that as organizations continue adding capabilities for the detection of insider threats, they will also be capable of identifying & attributing more incidents to the given insider activity in comparison to previous incidents.

As per the reports of the Forrester analysts, it is recommended that organizations should focus on the potential defense mechanisms for insider threats, while emphasizing the importance of employee experience for avoiding converting employees into malicious threats.

Additionally, Forrester also lays out the predictions that the manufacturing & retail industries should be expecting increased data breaches because of the direct-to-consumer shift occurring due to changing buying habits of the consumers. While the given set of changes has been already observed in the latest era, they have only been accelerated due to the advent of the global pandemic. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most customers out there are having their first-ever experience with the digital forms of payments because of the government-enforced closures of most of the physical shops out there.

Anjali Lai –Senior Analyst at Forrester, reveals that around 62 percent of the online adults in the United States of America had performed some type of online transaction for the first time in their lives –due to the direct impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The report by Forrester Cyber Security Predictions had given the warning that brands that were once known to advance to the marketers through distributor and retailer supply chains are facing disruption. This has forced them now continue selling directly to the consumers. This has led to the addition of several customer-centric applications implying more coding. As such, more coding is known to imply more risk to the overall concept of data security.