Incident Response

X-Ops, Intelecis 24/7/365 Detection and Response Team collaborates with businesses to handle critical security incidents and conduct forensic analysis to resolve cyber-attacks immediately and implement a long-term solution to prevent recurrences.

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The Challenge

Businesses face a wide range of potential threats, and X-Ops, Intelecis Detection and Response team, can assist you in detecting, containing, and investigating them.

Intellectual Property (IP) Theft

Trade secrets, ideas, inventions, creative expressions, and other sensitive information are frequently stolen by sophisticated nation-state-sponsored actors.

Financially Motivated Crime

Payment card theft, extortion, ransomware, and more.

Destructive Attacks

Ranging from targeted destructive malware deployed by sophisticated threat actors to malware causing business disruption.

Data Breaches

Exposure of personally identifiable information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI) that could potentially expose a specific individual(s) or customer(s) of your business.

The Benefits of Incident Response

Intelecis’ Incident Response combines the industry-leading Intelecis Platform along with an experienced team of responders to provide the following:


The skills and experience of Intelecis’ Detection and Response Team, combined with proven methodology and technology, enable the team to respond and contain incidents faster and more efficiently. As a result, you will spend fewer hours, experience less business interruption, and incur lower costs.


The Intelecis Intelligence team assists the Intelecis Detection and Response team throughout the response. It assists the X-Ops team in identifying adversaries present in the environment, allowing them to quickly and efficiently contain the incident.


Intelecis collaborates with you to create a plan that considers your operational needs as well as existing investments and resources, ensuring a thorough investigation and a tailored remediation action plan.


You’ll have access to the same Intelecis platform endpoint technology, cyber threat intelligence, and proactive managed hunting used in the Incident Response investigation, ensuring that you can both improve your security posture and prevent future breaches.

Experienced A Breach?

The Approach

The Intelecis Detection and Response team uses an intelligence-led, teamwork approach to identify attackers quickly and disrupt, contain, and eject them from your environment, leveraging the Intelecis platform.

Why Intelecis?

Skills and Expertise

To conduct Incident Response work, the Intelecis Detection and Response team has unmatched expertise and skills, recruiting “the best of the best” from the worlds of cybersecurity, incident response, forensics, and operations.

Technology and Tools

During a breach response scenario, the Intelecis platform provides immediate, real-time visibility into your environment, allowing the Services team to develop and execute a plan that gets you back to business faster and with less disruption.

Methodology and Approach

When compared to traditional approaches, Intelecis’ approach to Incident Response speeds up the process. Intelecis’ people, technology, and processes work together to identify and contain threats in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Incident Response Certifications

The National Security Agency (NSA) has granted Intelecis accreditation for the National Security Cyber Assistance Program — Cyber Incident Response Assistance. Intelecis has been certified as an investigator after meeting the CREST requirements for Incident Response on a global scale.

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