Picture this, you suddenly got woken up in the middle of the night with the news of your business being attacked by hackers. What’s the first thing you would do? For some who have experienced being breached before, they probably have already come up with a plan on what to do and who to call. Maybe you have protocols prepared for when this kind of incident happens and that is good. A cyber attack is no joke, it could cost your business a lot, much more, could affect your livelihood and the livelihood of people who depend on it. That is why acting fast is crucial in times like these.

The recovery from a cyber attack depends on what kind of attack it is. You are in dire need of a good response team to help you who are quick at what they do and at the same time meticulous with their work so that they do not commit mistakes. We get it, this is your business we are talking about.

Here at Intelecis, you can be sure that we take your problem seriously like it is our own. Deep security analysis is used with Intelecis Platform, a top-tier, proprietary investigative and security technology, in incident response. Due to the combination, you can expect that we produce the quickest and most precise outcomes. Being an extension of your team, the Intelecis X-Ops 24/7 staff ensures that nothing is overlooked and delivers the results you require.

With the Intelecis Incident Response Tech, we examine alarms and data from endpoints, users, and networks. We now have the visibility we need to respond fast in incident response and get to the breach on your business quick. The next best thing? We don’t need to use a manual or open-source tools. Our technology allows for speed and scale across endpoints and is simple to deploy. You want to be kept updated with how the response is going? You can be sure that we will always keep in touch with you at least once per day, if not more frequently.

Why us? This is a matter of time and efficiency. Our team will respond to your needs and contain incidents faster and more efficiently. As a result, you will spend fewer hours, experience less business interruption, and incur lower costs. You will be able to strengthen your security posture and fend off future attacks courtesy to accessibility to the same Intelecis platform endpoint technologies, cyber threat intelligence, and proactive managed hunting used in the Incident Response inquiry.

We understand it is hard enough to have your business breached especially in times like today when the world is crisis after crisis. We hear you, and we wouldn’t be anywhere than to be there and help you recover from the attack.

Is your business a target of cyber-attacks? Call our 24/7 Team today at 949-266-2088.