securityBusinesses are quickly shifting their IT security focus from the protection of their perimeter network to embracing an endpoint and data security solutions. This shift has been occasioned by the fact that businesses are increasingly allowing their employees to access their corporate networks from remote locations away from their offices. Allowing your employees access to your network via remote mobile devices can expose your network to potential cybersecurity threats. These threats can best be addressed by engaging the services of an IT support provider in Orange County that will design security solutions for your endpoint technology.

Tips on How to Secure Your Endpoint Technology

Here are a few tips that you can share with your employees to educate them on how to safely access your corporate network from their remote locations:

Use Secure Connections Only

This can be achieved by:

  • Avoiding the use of public hotspots – Anyone who knows how hotspots work can easily hack into your corporate network when you or your employee connects to it through an unsecured public wi-fi hotspot. Don’t leave these connections open when you are not using them. Hackers can easily gain access to your device when you are not looking.
  • Beware of malware – Malware comes in different forms and shapes. Don’t navigate to unfamiliar sites on the internet, respond to suspicious emails or download free apps when connected to the corporate network. Malicious hackers can use these to gain access to the corporate network.

Guard Sensitive Private and Corporate Information

  • Secure all your endpoint devices – Make sure that you carry them with you everywhere you go or if you must leave them behind, make sure that they are securely stored under lock and key.
  • Guard your data – An experienced IT support provider in Orange County will advise you to keep updating your password regularly. This will reduce the chances of hackers gaining access to your password and thereby lock them out of your network. You should also advise your employees against turning on the autofill features and the “remember password” options on your web browsers. This will protect you in the event you lose your machines.

Avoid Third-Party Devices

Don’t access the corporate network through devices which have not been cleared by your cybersecurity provider in Orange County. Some devices are not secure enough and can easily be hacked and used as an entry point into the corporate network by hackers.

Don’t use computers at a cyber cafe. Similar to the devices discussed above, these machines can also be a source of malware and a host of other cyber threats.

Keep Your Software Patched and Updated

Most software vendors release updates and patches to software programs on a periodic basis. This helps in sealing any vulnerabilities that might have been discovered in the software. Make sure these software programs are updated regularly.

Take Action

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