Cybersecurity and productivity has been a serious matter for companies over the recent years. Due to the fact that not all people working in the company are aware of cybersecurity, it is easy for hackers to infiltrate and attack.  Productivity is also a problem for companies, it is hard to know which employee has been doing their job right or not. 


Workforce monitoring has shown great benefits when it comes to addressing the problem with cybersecurity and productivity. Numerous businesses have already realized this. The first quarter of 2022 had a 73% increase in global demand for monitoring software compared to the first quarter of 2019. Additionally, that demand increased by 57% between 2022 and 2019 – a higher growth than in 2020, when more employees worked remotely for the most of the year.


Monitoring systems that work concentrate on identifying unusual or undesirable activities. As a result, employee retention and building a productive team is made possible. They assist in identifying early, evidence-based warning signs of underperforming workers who, in the past, would have raised risk. Alternatively, the business can actively support employees by revealing damaging facts as well as stop and correct other internal misbehavior.


To create more thorough assessments, behavioral warnings might be combined with other internal data or shared throughout the employer’s system. These procedures are not based on data mining and looking for unfavorable employee behavior. Instead, managers frequently get secure, proactive, same-day notifications with ongoing risk alerts and evaluations that are packed with useful information. Also, these information and any subsequent choices are securely recorded and kept for future compliance checks.


Effective monitoring systems also establish shared safety and security goals since they are driven by employee permission to take part in a safe, beneficial programme. Employee reporting portals allow both on-the-record and anonymous incident reports thanks to best-in-class systems. Workers are encouraged to voice their problems, which builds trust between them and management and makes it easier for troubled workers to get support services.


Of course, to avoid unnecessary risks and lawsuits, employees should be informed and agree to be monitored. They should be informed that monitoring is very different from surveillance. A lot of employees sometimes quit their job once they know they are being closely watched, that’s why it is important to differentiate monitoring and surveillance. 


You’d be surprised how much can change once you adapt to workforce monitoring. Aside from addressing the problem with cybersecurity and employee behavior, you get to know how to support your employees which in turn will boost their productivity. 


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