We are reading it everywhere. That hospitals are falling for the latest cyber-attacks. Paying millions of dollars just to get their systems up and running again. The worst part is that it could have been all avoided. By just doing a couple of things on a daily basis.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a hospital or a business, by doing these things, you will be avoiding a cyber attack that can cause you to go bankrupt. And, years and years of work just going down the drain.

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What happened to the hospitals in LA?

Before we can continue how to avoid situations that these hospitals have been in, you need to understand what happened first.

There are a couple of hospitals all over LA that were hit with ransomware. Meaning that their systems were hacked into. And, it can’t be accessed without a certain password. A password that only the hacker knows. In order to get this password, the hospital needs to pay a huge sum of money first. An easy and fast way for hackers to make money these days. The problem is that there are so many ways that ransomware can be prevented to cause problems for any company or even hospital.

Here are some of the ways on how these hospitals could have avoided this situation with the ransomware.

Securing internet usage better

Did you know that most viruses, malware, and even ransomware are coming from private use on hospital internet? Just because the internet isn’t secured from personal usages like email opening and reading.

The moment that a hospital is placing strict policies in place about personal internet usage at work, it will limit the change that malware software and ransomware will be installed.

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Making a backup daily

Make sure that your IT department is making a backup of your systems, files, and other documents online on a daily basis. Without any exceptions. When you have a backup of your essential documents, files, and patients, no ransomware will have an effect on your hospital.

You will be able to delete and restore everything without the need to pay a single cent. But, this will only work if you are storing everything correctly, on a daily basis, and on cloud storage where no hacker can get access to.

Malware and anti-virus software

This is the easiest and fastest way to get protection against ransomware. To purchase the best malware and anti-virus software for your entire system. Making sure that it is updated on a regular basis and run daily by the IT department. The best and most recommended software will warn when there are attempts of malware or software installation without permission.

There are so many easy and fast ways that hospitals and other businesses can get protection against ransomware that is now the latest cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are getting millions from businesses just to get a password to access computers and systems again. By doing these three things, every business and hospital will be protected and could avoid the disaster of ransomware.