“We hired Intelecis in June this year and what a difference their team has made for our company. The professionalism and knowledge they bring to the table is beyond comparison from our previous IT. The team is always quick to respond and solve any issues and followup to ensure we are up and running is beyond exceptional. Having a security team have your company’s back at all times 24/7 is a must and we can count on Intelecis to get the job done.”

-Kim Foley


Is your business struggling with IT? Are you tired of not having time for more valuable business functions as you keep tending to technology problems? We understand, you just want to grow your business without stressing about other things.

In our day and age, some businesses have grown more reliant to technology because of its advantages. If you want to be competitive in today’s market, you need to have access to technology that helps your business be more productive and efficient. We all want that. But sometimes, the very helpful technology we have can become sort of a recurring problem. Of course, not everything is going to be perfect and functioning well, even us humans, we tend to have errors. To help you out with your IT problems, you hire IT guys who are fast and always delivers what they promise. But even that could be a problem. We don’t always tend to get the best quality of service from these IT guys. That’s why to address this, you need to choose the right IT company to partner with.



With Intelecis, you can expect your company to be more productive and secured at all times. We go the extra mile to deliver what is more than expected. Your company’s productivity is our top priority that’s why our 24/7 helpdesk team will go all out to provide you with solutions as soon as possible. We will also check in with you to make sure everything is working properly. You are not just a client, you are our partner. And as you grow, we grow as well.

Choosing the right IT company can be challenging. You need to make sure they are great and live up to what they promise to deliver. You could choose the IT company like how you choose the person you married. They should share the same goals as you have. Moreover, they should also share the same values and expectations. If you want a great business partnership, try to think of it as choosing your lifetime partner. You don’t want to make mistakes, so you choose to be with the best whom you know you’ll grow into a better version of you.


Here at Intelecis, we are striving everyday to be the best at what we do. We value what you have and our constant goal is to help you achieve more and be competitive. We know, you are a smart client, you don’t want to make mistakes. To help convince you in choosing us as your IT partner, here’s the raving reviews of our satisfied clients:


“We had confidentiality issues, client records, personal and business emails getting mixed up, and things weren’t as organized. Fortunately, we met a company, Intelecis, that allowed us to not only understand what we could do to be more effective and efficient in an office setting, but as a business owner, there were a lot of issues I didn’t wanna deal with and my team was able to work alongside the Intelecis team and figured how to efficiently run our business but allowed us to do what we mainly loved to do which is working with people. And so, over a very short amount of time, and in a seamless way, we were able to see Intelecis not only help us diagnose problems but store information and do everything we wanted to do as well as not have me figuring out what we needed. They came up with the solutions themselves. We really appreciate working with Intelecis.”

-Mary Grace Lagasca, President and Owner of InJOY Life Resources


“We hired Intelecis 3 months ago and it was a great decision for our business. Initially, the transition was seamless, but yesterday we lost power in our building. Everything stopped- computer, server, copier, and WiFi. Intelecis was on the job immediately, working all day. They came in early today to make sure every workstation was up and running correctly. Thank you, Intelecis!”

-Stuart Hoshide


You want what’s best for your business and get the quality you paid for. We deliver more than what is expected and that sets us from the rest. If you want to grow your business with our help, feel free to contact us today.