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When you hear that hackers got into LA hospitals, your first thought might be how on earth did they do it? There is so much security at these hospitals and their software that it is impossible to get access. But, hackers did get access to the hospitals, and it cost hospitals millions before they could resolve this problem.

Now, you might be wondering how are they doing it? When you know how they gain access to businesses and hospital computers you will realize that it is actually simple. The most difficult part is to design the ransomware.

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What do hackers get when they install ransomware in LA hospitals?

Hacking into a hospital, getting personal information of patients. Being able to encrypt everything in a hospital’s system. What do hackers get when they do these things? And, don’t they realize that they are putting so many sick people’s lives at risk?

For hackers, everything is about money. The more money they can get, the better. And, there is nothing easier than installing ransomware in hospitals. They know that the information is essential so that patients can live. Hospitals will pay anything to get their systems up and running again.

These are some of the ways on how they got into LA hospitals:

Opening emails are installing malware software that is known as ransomware

This is something that is happening to all of us. Getting an email that sounds interesting. You won something, but you need to open it to be able to read it. And, without you even knowing it, when you open the email it automatically downloads the malware software known as ransomware.

When it is downloaded, the ransomware is encrypting everything on the computers of the hospital. No one will gain access. This just because of opening an email to see that it was actually just spam.

Emails with attachments that need to be installed to read it

Similar to the emails that are automatically downloading the ransomware software, this method is also effective for hackers. They are sending an email that looks legit. With a real email address, sender, and all the right information.

But with the email is an attachment that you need to install. The only way that you can see the account that needs to be paid. Or, even just a joke that a “friend” sends to your hospital’s email. By downloading the attachment, you are actually downloading and installing the ransomware. Once the ransomware is installed, it automatically starts encrypting everything on the system. Within minutes everything is encrypted and no one will be able to get access to the hospital’s computers. Causing chaos.

This is so easy for hackers to get access to LA hospitals. Especially, if people aren’t aware of spam emails that should not be opened. Especially, when you are at work and don’t know the sender. With just opening an email, or downloading an attachment, you are actually causing the hospital millions. Installing a program that can’t be overwritten by anyone else but the creator, or hacker.