IT Support ProviderShifting your IT systems to a virtualized system can be a process that is full of uncertainty. To ease this process, you need to have an IT support provider in Orange County that can guide you and help you take this all-important leap toward improving your IT services. First, though, you should understand what is a virtualized IT environment.

What Is a Virtualized IT Environment?

Server virtualization can be defined as a process by which server administrators use a type of software app that allows them to create multiple isolated virtual environments out of one physical server.

Pros of Server Virtualization

There are many benefits for businesses that choose to shift to a virtualized IT environment. Some notable ones include:

  • Reduced Cost – Businesses, both big and small, often spend a lot of their money on buying expensive hardware to support the IT needs of their companies. You can avoid most of these expenses by embracing virtualization. The decision to hire an IT support provider in Orange County to help in creating a virtualized IT environment for your business means that your staff will be able to access the virtual machines and ease their work, saving you the cost you would have incurred from buying physical machines for them.
  • Easier Recovery and Backup – Compared to physical systems, virtualized IT systems are easy to recover and back up. Today’s businesses are exposed to a myriad of threats that can disrupt operations and cause some serious downtime. Incidents such as cyber-attacks, floods, fires, data breaches and data loss can cripple the operations of a business whose IT functions are fully supported by a physical IT infrastructure. A business whose IT is supported partially or wholly by a virtualized system can recover much faster.
  • Improved Business Continuity – In the current fast-paced environment, business continuity is an important determinant of business success. Businesses operating in virtualized IT environments have the advantage of enjoying continuity since their employees can access files and other shared resources in the virtualized system from anywhere in the world. This also makes it possible for these employees to share files and collaborate with other members of their teams in order to complete their projects faster.

Cons of Virtualization

The disadvantages associated with server virtualization are those that are commonly associated with any new software. These include:

  • High Upfront Cost – There is a need for businesses to invest in some hardware and software that is required to support their virtualized IT systems. The good news is that this is a one-time expense that will pay off big time in the long run.
  • Learning Curve – It is important for your IT team to learn how to manage and run the new system. Users will not have a problem as the virtualized environment operates more or less like the normal physical IT environment.


Since the disadvantages listed above are things that an IT support provider in Orange County can help you deal with, it is clear that the benefits of virtualization surpass these drawbacks. If you are planning to shift your IT systems to a virtualized environment, contact us now at Intelecis.