HIPAA Compliance in Orange County CA

HIPAA compliance for any provider related to the healthcare industry has become extremely important as the use of mobile technology continues to increase. If you and your employees regularly use mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers at work, compliance with HIPAA regulations is essential. Follow the tips below offered by experienced HIPAA compliance services and keep your mobile technology safe.

Passwords and Authentication

Your first line of defense against unintended access of sensitive information is to always use passwords on all devices, preferably multi-step authentication. In the event a device winds up in the wrong hands, online access will be more difficult. Password and authentication use is required according to HIPAA compliance regulations.

Encryption, Firewalls, and Security Software

In addition to passwords and multi-step authentication, activate firewalls on all technology and use encryption to protect transmitted data. Companies that offer HIPAA compliance services for healthcare professionals and their business partners can assist by ensuring you are all using the right security software to protect mobile devices and your entire network.

Use Secure and Approved Applications

When downloading applications and software to your devices, use only those you have researched and found to be secure and fit HIPAA compliance requirements. Avoid filesharing apps and put employee policies into place that govern what can be downloaded on devices used for work functions.  

Connect Only to Secure Networks

Avoid connecting to public networks and other unsecured networks. Doing so is a significant security risk as it increases the possibility that your data could be hacked during transmission. The use of unsecured networks should be prohibited as it goes against HIPAA compliance regulations.  

Keep All Software and Apps Updated

As security threats become known, software developers increase the security of their programs. Always keep software and applications updated to the most recent version to reduce your risk of cyberattack due to uncorrected vulnerabilities in older versions. 

Avoid Misplacing Devices

Besides implementing necessary recommendations provided by experienced HIPAA compliance services, it is equally important that you avoid misplacing devices or leaving them where they could be stolen. Keep all mobile technology used on your workplace network physically secured when not in use; stress the importance of not losing devices to employees and related business partners.

Activate Remote Wiping/Disabling

In the event that you do lose a device or have one stolen, you can protect your secure data and maintain HIPAA compliance by keeping remote wiping and remote disabling active. This security function allows you to either destroy or lock all data on a missing device remotely from another networked device, preventing unauthorized access to the information.

Erase All Data Before Reusing Devices

Before repurposing or discarding any mobile device, erase all the data from it to ensure there are no applications, passwords, or other information that could grant access to secured data. This can be done by using software designed to wipe all information or by following specific instructions to appropriately clear a digital device.

By using the important tips referenced above for managing mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, you can reduce security threats and keep your business protected according to healthcare group HIPAA compliance regulations. To ensure all of your technology is communicating well while maintaining required levels of security, work with healthcare group HIPAA compliance services who can advise on the best security practices to protect your entire network.

When it comes to HIPAA compliance and mobile devices, you must take all steps necessary to prevent security breaches that can threaten your business and your patients!

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