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If you are a busy healthcare provider or have been retained by a provider to provide adjunct services, you likely use your mobile phone or tablet for a variety of things all day long. Unfortunately, mobile devices pose a threat to your digital security and HIPAA compliance because they are easy to attack.

Devices must be carefully secured against potential threats to ensure your usage stays within HIPAA compliance regulations. To prevent mobile device breaches and the unintentional release of sensitive data, it is important to work with HIPAA compliance services who can help keep you secure.

Cyberattacks on Mobile Devices Growing

It's a well-known fact that people are using their phones and other mobile technology with a rapidly increasing frequency. As the use of these devices has grown, so has the incidence of mobile cyberattacks. Research has estimated that more than 2 out of every 10 businesses have experienced some sort of security breach on a mobile device used by an employee. Unfortunately, this number is likely to rise.

A recent study on the use and security of mobile technology even suggests that healthcare providers have a one-in-five chance of having their devices breached if they are not protected by the right HIPAA compliance services. This is a notable concern for healthcare businesses who are required to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Employees could be risking sensitive patient information every day by using devices that do not conform to healthcare providers HIPAA compliance regulations.

Healthcare Provides Particularly at Risk

According to the study, healthcare professionals are particularly at risk of security breaches due to the increasing ways that mobile technology is being used in the industry. Mobile devices are used on a daily basis to download medical apps for various reasons. Their usage may be for communication with coworkers and patients and sharing case information among colleagues, as well as many other ways.

The study suggests that today, 99% of healthcare employees use a mobile device in some work-related capacity. When these devices do not adhere to HIPAA compliance regulations, the risk of being breached is even greater.

Why Cyberattacks Occur

Most cyberattacks affecting healthcare providers and their business associates occur because malware has been downloaded through the use of apps that do not meet HIPAA compliance requirements. This also happens by connecting to unsecured networks or connecting unsecured devices to business networks. The transmission of data over unsecured networks is especially risky since it is so easy to intercept when encryption is not in use to prevent it.

Additionally, medical mobile devices are prime targets for hacking as they are frequently lost and easily stolen. In all of these cases, HIPAA compliance services who make sure that devices are properly protected are instrumental in reducing or eliminating the risk of security breaches.

In light of these findings, it is essential that you ensure that all devices used by your healthcare group employees and business associates are secure according to HIPAA compliance regulations. This means using secure, encrypted networks and devices; downloading only applications that meet HIPAA compliance requirements; protecting devices with passwords and multi-step authentication; and creating effective access and use policies for all employees.

To achieve this level of security with all devices that have access to your sensitive business and patient data, it is best to work with HIPAA compliance services that are experienced in providing this level of security!

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