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We assess and measure your organization’s risk. Intelecis offers the most affordable and the latest risk analysis technique and tools; powerful reporting. robust analytics; and broad-ranging risk management strategies.

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What is Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Governance, risk, and compliance refers to a strategy for managing a business’ overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance regulations. Using a structured approach, GRC enable a business to achieve its objectives by integrating the capabilities that provide governance, management, and assurance of risk, performance, and compliance activities.  

The Three (3) Components of GRC


Policies, controls, resources, leadership guidance, and processes must all match operational activities with company-wide business goals, and they must be in the interest of all stakeholders.


Risk assessment and risk management activities are examined, identified, and managed within an organization – including financial, technical, legal human resource, and strategic risks. This includes putting resources in place to reduce, monitor, and control the effect of any detected threads or vulnerabilities involving people, business processes, or information technology.


Regulatory, compliance software and programs ensure that business activities are conducted in accordance with legal, ethical, and regulatory guidelines, particularly when it comes to IT system where data must be collected, kept and transmitted securely.

Why Is GRC Important To Your Business?

An Intelecis GRC framework helps your business in promptly identifying and mitigating risks, as well as improving internal controls and compliance. This offers the added benefit of reducing business silos, duplication of work, wasted resources, and business disruption. 

Other business key benefits can include: 

Increased Visibility

More employee awareness and trusted company vision, leadership, and across the entire organization, as well as increased consistency and stability- all of these factors can help individual teams and the company as a whole to become more productive and more committed.

Increased Optimization

Removing non-value-added operations saves time and money that could be put to better use elsewhere. To improve efficiency and optimize resource consumption, greater optimization replaces manual tasks with automated ones.

Improved Speed

By eliminating waste and less valuable tasks while enhancing consistency, stability, trust, and overall visibility, increased agility is attainable throughout your entire company thus enabling better responsiveness in the marketplace.

Intelecis Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Platform 

Intelecis GRC Platform addresses information security problems and implements proactive mitigation methods, we provide you with a wide range of knowledge needed for incident response, compliance, and the latest threat intelligence.  

Data Governance aids in the management of ever-increasing volumes of data, as well as the related policies, controls, and data disposition plans.  

The goal of the platform is to provide enterprises with the necessary tools to conduct risk management at all tiers:  

  • Enterprise 
  • Business Unit 
  • Compliance 

By providing easy access to the latest analysis, analysis tools, and research information from a comprehensive repository of risk-related content, Intelecis GRC Platform aims to help businesses gain a clear understanding of their risks and identify areas where they should focus their efforts.  

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