With the ” New Normal” that everyone is facing there is a lot of questions about back to school for the kids. Zoom is one of the platforms that is being used to help maintain social distancing but to also allow school to continue with distance learning. However with all this new technology being used, a lot of people are not familiar with the best security practices. Parents and teachers have good reason to be worried.

Frans Trisnadi had a chance to talk a bit with Rob Newton from KFI News Am-640 about Zoom and things you can do to help. 

Listen to “ROB – School Zoom Hacker Defense” on Spreaker.


Rob Newton is a fill-in anchor and reporter for KFI AM 640. When he’s not doing that he’s producing the “Walk in Truth” radio show and podcast. He also produces and sometimes voices radio commercials. Rob grew up in Big Bear Lake and graduated from the radio broadcasting program at Fullerton College.

Rob has a love for the great outdoors and has been hiking and camping since before it was REI-hipster cool. He also loves to go hunting and fishing whenever he can. Thanks to his English teacher girlfriend, he now loves to read as well.

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