We know the feeling of not having a peaceful night knowing that if you close your eyes something or someone will take advantage of it. These cybercriminals pick any time of day but mostly when you are comfortable under the sheets. Working with a professional will help you rest your brain from these thoughts. Let Intelecis be your IT security company partner!

Over 100 businesses have experienced the peace of mind through our offered services from cyber security and IT support and Helpdesk. Your business can also count on the compliances Intelecis’ can help you with including NIST and CMMC.

Of course, Intelecis knows that there are different treatments for each industry’s needs for IT services. And so we have drafted plans and established processes in industries for healthcare, hospitality, accounting and for CPAs, law firms, manufacturing, education, finance, engineering, and construction. We have conducted research and studies to make sure we can accommodate every cybersecurity aspect you need. You can now sleep like a baby, any time of the day. You worry- less about your security because we will handle every technology requirement. Your business will Increase productivity – and that’s what we wanted you to achieve, grow your company, and reach out to more opportunities. And more importantly, if you already attained all of those we have mentioned, you can have more time for yourself and for the ones you love. A healthy environment for you! Work, life, balance!

You’ve accepted the idea that, in order to build your organization to its full potential, you must simply concentrate on strategic-level activities and outsource crucial business operations to IT specialists. There are numerous parallels between whether or not our clients have an internal IT team. They all place a high priority on information security, and their businesses rely on computers, networks, and the Internet every day. The majority of our clients rely substantially on particular software being operational to run their operations because they use specialist line-of-business applications. They are spread out around the country and represent a variety of sectors. The fact that many of our clients work in regulated fields necessitates the need for an IT services provider with expertise in cybersecurity compliance.

What are you waiting for? Give us a ring and our professionals will be more than delighted to entertain your cybersecurity needs!