When you think about hackers, do you think about those geniuses in movies, who either destroying or save the world by just typing codes on a computer? It’s scary to think that they can do that, right? But you think that’s just in the movies, they’re not as scary as they are portrayed in the real world, probably because you don’t know or haven’t heard about anyone who fell victim to hackers. However, if you’ve been keeping up with news in the cyber world, you’d be alarmed about how big of damage hackers have brought to companies of all sizes over the years.


Did you know? According to data, 60% of small to midsize businesses that experience a successful hack will no longer exist after six months. Moreover, the average cost of a data breach in the US has increased to $8.64 million, an all-time high. By 2025, it is estimated that cybercrime will cost the world $10.5 trillion yearly.


You built your business with everything that you have, you have not only invested money but you’ve also invested your own sweat and blood, and to become a victim of hackers would just be sad and would take a great toll on you, your employees, and your customers. That is why cybersecurity should be taken seriously and invested in.


Here are reasons why you need cybersecurity for your business:


1.You, your investors, and your clients will have peace of mind


Investing in cybersecurity from a reputable company will increase your confidence in your cybersecurity posture and help you sleep soundly at night knowing your company data is in good hands. Knowing that their data is securely protected is also going to make your clients and investors feel more secure. This leads to better business partnerships and increases the likelihood that your company will draw in new customers and investors. Nobody wants to believe that their personal information is in jeopardy when considering a new business contract, after all. Your chances of keeping your important connections intact increase with the level of protection you put in place.


2.You will safeguard yourself from a high-cost breach


Customers’ trust in your firm may be damaged both immediately and over time, depending on how the breach affects your business. Also, you might need to stop all regular business operations to follow investigation rules or respond to client questions. Additionally, neglecting to protect data can result in legal action. Many businesses believe that the cost of implementing cybersecurity measures is too high, but be assured that it is nothing in comparison to the fees you’ll face in the wake of a cyberattack.


3. There Risks Are Worse For Remote Employees


Cyberattacks against employees who work from home have significantly increased in recent years, notably with the transition to remote work in 2020. As their personal connections are less secure than those used at work and they also have more access to company networks, the majority of these attacks originate from them.


To strengthen cybersecurity for remote work, companies should concentrate on the following areas:


  • Establishing and distributing security guidelines for remote work.
  • Virtual private network security (VPNs).
  • Limiting the usage of personal devices.
  • Authentication and authorization issues.
  • Educating staff members about phishing and malware tactics designed to take advantage of the current circumstances.
  • Securing routes for collaboration and communication.
  • Providing attentive IT support.


4.The occurrence of cybercrime is rising


Given the rise in cybercrime, it is extremely risky to ignore cybersecurity. Your business will suffer a loss, but the question is not if it will, but rather when. In today’s digital environment, there are so many ways for hackers to uncover weak places that, unless you step up cybersecurity, you’re probably exposed in some way. As you can see, businesses in every industry need cybersecurity insurance. These risks are important and need to be treated seriously if your business has any sort of digital presence.



Your customers, employees, and your family depend on your business. We know it’s important for you to protect everything and everyone that matters to you, that’s why investing in cybersecurity is crucial for your business. Imagine having the assurance that your company’s critical data is always secure and that you won’t be a victim of a cyberattack.


Here at Intelecis, we will make sure to protect your business as if it is our own. Ready to have everything that matters to you secured? Feel free to contact us today.