Generate Leads and Make More Conversions with Inbound Marketing

Why Use Digital Marketing?

One reason digital marketing could be a great idea for your business is because it is how customers want to connect with you and your goods or services. Consumers are using the internet and social media to learn about the products and services that interest them. If you want to succeed, you have to find and communicate with potential customers where they are and more and more, that is in digital places.

Digital marketing also levels the playing field for smaller businesses. No matter how big or small your business is you get an equal chance at reaching customers using the internet and social media. The digital marketing playing field is level because it is a more cost effective option than the older, more traditional marketing channels.

Analytics and Statistical Data

One of the big differences between marketing now and marketing in the pre-internet era is your ability to use analytics and statistical data. Before targeted digital marketing was possible, you could only market to customers using telephone books, billboards, other types of print media ads, and television and radio commercials. You had to determine your target market and hope that your advertising efforts appealed to as many consumers as possible, but you really could not get the kind of feedback about your efforts that you can get today.

Today, you can see how many people looked at your online advertisement, how many people clicked through the ad, and whether or not they choose to become your customer based on that particular ad. When you send out email advertisements, you can find out if the potential customer opened the email, whether they clicked on the ad and visited your website, and you can even tell how long they stayed on your website. All of this information can give you valuable insights into how effective a particular advertisement is with customers. It can also help you segment your customers to deliver more targeted marketing strategies.

Segment Customers

You will be able to take the information you gather from analytics and statistical data and segment potential and current customers to create different marketing strategies for each group. These diverse strategies should help you convert more prospects into customers, and it should help you keep the loyalty of your established customers too.

Automated Marketing and Lead Nurturing

Inbound marketing allows you to leverage your automated marketing and lead nurturing activities to your business’s advantage. When customers fill out online forms or download marketing materials, such as e-books, you will be able to build relationships with them using the regular release of emails and blog posts that will, hopefully, pique the interest of the potential customers. This is one instance where segmenting customers comes in handy because you can send potential customers information targeted to their interests. With the right strategy, you should be able to watch the success of your marketing efforts take root over time.