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Has Your Business Fallen Victim to Dharma Ransomware? 

Our Ransomware Response Team is ready to help. Specializing in Helping Businesses remove ransomware & restore encrypted files.

Dharma Ransomware Recovery Services

Rely on Intelecis to prioritize your data recovery because downtime has a significant negative impact on business performance across all industries. Numerous businesses have benefited from the expertise of our well-equipped Ransomware Team.  

What is Dharma (CrySiS)?

Dharma ransomware, commonly referred to as CrySiS, is a “trojanized” high-risk ransomware-type virus that targets Windows OP and is used by threat actors to extort small and medium-sized businesses as well as household computer users.

On Windows, this kind of ransomware primarily targets directories inside the user’s directory. The ransomware encrypts each file that is added to the directory and appends the suffix [bitcoin143@india.com]. dharma.

Dharma ransomware is distinct from other ransomware since it doesn’t assault the entire machine but instead hides inside the system and encrypts files as they are added to the directory. Therefore, it must be eliminated in order to decrypt the files.

Dharma ransomware is disseminated across the globe through email campaigns that pose as legitimate and ask the recipient to download a password-protected attachment called Defender.exe. The entire operation has been so effective over the years that many individuals have stopped downloading it. 

How Does Dharma Ransomware Work? 

Public and private (decryption) keys are generated as a result of the asymmetric encryption algorithms used by Dharma. The developers have control over a distant server where the private key is kept.

Without this key, it would be impossible for the victims to decrypt their files, hence a ransom is demanded. There are currently no tools available that can manually restore files that have been encrypted by the Dharma ransomware.

Restoring their files or system from a backup is the sole option for individuals who are impacted. 

What happens when a Dharma attack is initiated? 

Dharma ransomware is spread by spam emails as malicious attachments. One distinctive trait of this type of ransomware is the use of malicious attachments with double file extensions, which may appear to be non-executable under default Windows settings but are actually executable.

Additionally, Dharma ransomware can be hidden in legitimate software installation files. As downloadable executables, ransomware attackers would recommend these installs that seem harmless for various authorized software. 

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