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Networks Compliance & Remediation Services

Regulatory compliance requirements are always being updated and are difficult to interpret. Our Intelecis experts have identified the essential network security controls and how they map to DFARS compliance requirements.

Is Your Business DFARS Compliant?..

  • Are Your Employees Educated
  • Up To Security Standards & Controls
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Risk Management Assessment
  • Identification and Authentication
  • Management of Audit Documentation
  • Response and Recovery
  • System & Information Integrity

DFARS Cybersecurity Work

We start by understanding how you use, store, and/or disseminate defense related Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). DFARS compliance requirements apply only to systems, including ERP services for aerospace and defense manufacturing, that store Covered Defense Information, and work to establish project requirements.

DFARS Assessment

Once we understand the project requirements, we arrange for documentation gathering which includes technical and administrative documentation, policies and procedures. With this information we produce formal findings, a gap analysis and remediation requirements.

DFARS Remediation

Intelecis is prepared to help you remediate and close the gaps. Our professionals can work alongside your team or do the work for you. Once remediation is completed, we will retest to confirm the results and move to the certification process to help you become DFARS compliant.

The Compliance Model

Intelecis’ Cybersecurity Compliance and Risk Management Maturity Process

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