Inflation has been on the rise in the United States for over the past decade. As a result of this increase in inflation, many goods and services from different industries are also rising. With this, it is important for you to save money and only invest in commodities that are necessary and worth their price. You might have some funds reserved to sustain your business when a rise in prices occurs, but it is always important to know that you can always have a way to save even more money.


The IT industry is not safe from inflation, in fact, a lot of IT companies are now increasing the pricing of the services they offer. This is to make up for the loss in revenue due to inflation and also to keep up with the cost of providing quality services.


We know, your business is growing and you want it to thrive amidst all types of crises. You want nothing more but an IT company that you can trust to help your business grow. We understand that you want a quality service but you are worried about the cost since everyone is affected by the rise in prices. Well, worry no more.


Here’s the thing. Here at Intelecis, you can count on us to not increase anything at all. The inflation has not deterred us from providing quality IT services to our clients. We are not increasing our prices, which is a good sign of confidence in our company. We will continue to provide the best quality of services for the same price. What the price is yesterday, will still be what it is today.  We are confident and we are constantly striving to always deliver “WOW”.


The world may be changing fast, prices are going off the roof and you might take the risk of paying higher prices for better services, but with us, you don’t need to! We will still provide the world-class IT services we have been providing from the very start. We may change, but only for the better.