Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services For CPAs in Orange County CA

Cybercrime is one of the most costly and dangerous threats to any business today. If you are a CPA, protecting your business against attacks means identifying the threats your business faces, then employing good cybersecurity practices for CPAs.

Part One of this series defined cybercrime and identified the five most common threats to your business if it is not protected by effective cybersecurity for CPAs. In Part Two of this series, discover how cybersecurity managed services for CPAs can help you prevent incidents of cybercrime occurring against your business.

Audit Security Plans and Review Access Controls

To ensure you are using the most suitable cybersecurity for CPAs to identify any weaknesses in your current security plan, your system must be periodically audited. An audit will help determine your biggest risks, how to protect your business and client information by preventing security breaches, and give you the opportunity to review policies and access controls.

Modify your security plan as needed to take advantage of the best cybersecurity practices that encourage you to keep all software updated and patched, develop a data backup plan, and reduce access to the minimum required personnel. Since thorough security auditing and planning can be challenging, work with skilled MSPs who provide cybersecurity managed services for CPAs and can manage your risk.

Carry Appropriate Business Insurance

While effective cybersecurity offers you the best protection against cybercrime, threats continue to change and evolve every day. Even with the low possibility of a security breach or some other attack, your business could still be affected.

Business insurance as coverage in the event of cybercrime can help you recover should an attack occur. This specific coverage protects you against financial losses sustained after an attack, with some policies even covering legal costs and forensics to investigate the illegal activity.

Develop A Response Plan

Hopefully, your cybersecurity managed services offer all the protection you need. Still, it is important to have a response plan in place in the event of an attack. This plan must consider important questions to first identify which crimes present the most risk, then determine what affect these crimes would have on your business.

By planning for a worst-case scenario, you can pre-plan how to immediately respond to breaches and attacks, how to recover from any attacks, and most importantly how to prevent similar attacks by implementing additional cybersecurity practices.

The threat of cybercrime through security breaches, data theft, and malicious software attacks continues to increase every day. Small businesses and those that deal with financial information are most at risk. Protect your CPA business by having the most thorough and up-to-date cybersecurity for CPAs.

You should always work with an experienced MSP provider who understands your business and can help plan the cybersecurity managed services that will be the most useful. Once you employ the best cybersecurity practices, your data, clients, and entire business will have a lower risk of being affected by cybercrime!

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