Microsoft (Office) 365 continues to ingrain its programs, solutions, and data within business organizations as one of the most widely used application suites. However, because of its broad use, growing footprint, and privileged access rights, the suite is becoming a target. We’ve already seen new exploits through 2021, and we expect further vulnerabilities to be targeted.

It takes more than simple security configuration to keep your Microsoft 365 suite secure. A managed threat prevention platform orchestrates additional security monitoring to guarantee that user productivity and effectiveness are not affected by a breach. Intelecis and Microsoft collaborate to provide comprehensive and centralized visibility into user, application, and data behavior, as well as to track PowerShell activities.

Three core logs of M365

  • Unified Audit Log
  • Mailbox Audit Log
  • Admin Audit Log

How Managed Threat Protection Helps

  • Unified view of risk with single-pane-of-glass-visibility
  • Faster detection of threats and malicious activity
  • Expanded coverage that scales as your infrastructure grows
  • Solve the skill shortage problem
  • Cost savings with a centralized approach to cybersecurity

M365 is a critical productivity application and contains critical data. Don’t assume its all Microsoft’s responsibility to protect your environment. Do their part, you must do your part. Doing nothing risks compromise and theft.

Intelecis’ Managed Threat Protection Platform helps by:

  • Adds a 24/7 monitoring army on your side
  • Solves skill shortage problem
  • Addresses the attack surface for all your assets