virtualicationVirtualization is one of the IT services that IT support providers in Orange County offer to businesses. However, although the word virtualization has been used multiple times in the IT world, most people do not know the actual meaning. This word can be defined as follows in the following IT service areas:

  • Network Virtualization – This virtualization type improves the network’s flexibility, speed, and security. Here, your network’s bandwidth is divided, and each channel works for a specific server in real time. Essentially, this makes the network more user-friendly as it executes multiple tasks automatically.
  • Storage Virtualization – Storage virtualization means that you put all your network storage in one location, making it easy to access your data and even recover your files. Of course, finding data kept under one central storage area becomes faster and more efficient.
  • Server Virtualization – This is where one server is partitioned into many different virtual servers, each of which serving its own operating system. Server virtualization is very essential, and it should be the first kind of virtualization that any business should have.

Benefits of Virtualization

  • Improved Communication – With virtualization, your company can now have better communication. It also allows for mobility and employees can work from wherever they are. In fact, it will be easier for you to expand your business to other locations as you experience business growth.
  • Business Continuity – Virtualization enables you to improve your backup and disaster recovery. Once you virtualize your server, even in cases of a disaster, or during normal system maintenance, you do not incur downtime at all. You can still power your system with another server, and this ensures business continuity.
  • Better Security – Storing your data on virtual servers rather than on individual desktops makes it easy to manage. The fact that it is IT support professionals in Orange County who handle virtualization servers means that your data is secure and in safe hands. In addition, your data is securely backed up and you do not incur any additional costs.
  • Easier Backup and Disaster Recovery – With virtualization software, you can actually test the capabilities of your server in case a disaster occurs. You get to know how well your server will work and you can make the necessary adjustments and cover the loopholes. You simply need to invest in backup servers and the recovery of your files will be very fast and efficient.
  • Fewer Servers – Once you opt for server virtualization, it means that you can utilize your server to the maximum by dividing it into multiple servers to manage multiple operating systems. This means that you will now need fewer servers to manage many operating systems. Once you virtualize, virtual servers will all operate under one physical server. In fact, this also acts as a cost-reducing factor for your business.

Overall, virtualization offers business flexibility and reduced costs. It is the ultimate remedy to any outdated IT solutions. Talk to an IT support company in Orange County to take you through virtualization. Intelecis, Inc. is an IT company that specializes in virtualization among many other IT services. Contact us today and let us begin a partnership that will lead the growth of your company.