One of the various options for handling an Engineering Firm’s IT requirements is managed IT services. With managed IT services, a third party takes on all of the duties and obligations related to managing IT and keeping the business operating. This differs from many common third-party services in that it is offered at a fixed price. You won’t have access to an hourly consultant rate; instead, you’ll pay a fixed fee each month (or year) in exchange for complete coverage. Engineering companies who want to concentrate on what they do best—engineering—can choose the stress-free choice of managed IT services.

  1. Software Administration

You work with sophisticated software like AutoCAD, Pro-E, OrCAD, Allegro, SOLIDWORKS, or FlexlmDeliver. What happens if these programs fail to function? These software programs require complex upkeep from IT professionals to prevent damage to your company. IT partners ensure that they are properly configured and integrated. This program also needs to be updated periodically; if the update happens during business hours, you will be unable to work. Software accessibility and upkeep are guaranteed by managed IT services for small enterprises.

  1. Cloud Services

Employees at your engineering firm are constantly on the move. To do their duties, your personnel must have access to intricate, private documents from any location. Large files containing sensitive information, such as project plans, graphics, and blueprints, must be managed by them. Business continuity must be maintained as crucial plans and drawings are updated. You may share this information with anyone, wherever they are, using cloud services like Microsoft 365. They safeguard confidential information like business emails, plans, time sheets, or papers. When they are not in the workplace, employees frequently use their cellphones. To keep your information secure, IT partners can set up mobile device management systems to track and safeguard mobile devices.

  1. Loss Prevention

As an engineering company, you depend on your technology; if it breaks down, you can’t stop working for the day. Managed IT Services offer round-the-clock assistance to prevent this. How recently did you verify that all of your files were backed up? Your ability to make a living depends on your files. In the event of a catastrophe, you must backup your files. This can be set up for you and checked to make sure your data is secure by managed IT services for small and medium-sized organizations.

  1. Security

Managed IT services can offer web content screening, anti-virus software, fire barriers, and any other requirements for digital security. Your network can be secured by IT partners using perimeter defenses that stop malware and viruses. They can ensure that you adhere to industry security standards.

Engineering organizations can rely on the managed IT services provided by Intelecis. As you and your team decide whether to host data and apps on-premises or in the cloud, we are here to support you and your team. We recognize how crucial it is to keep your data secure while still making it readily accessible to you and your team. Contact us today!