Government, military, corporate, financial, and medical entities acquire, process, and store unheard-of amounts of data on computers and other devices, making cyber security crucial. Sensitive information, such as intellectual property, financial data, personal information, or other sorts of data for which illegal access or exposure could have unfavorable effects, can make up a sizeable amount of that data. In the course of conducting business, organizations transfer sensitive data across networks and to other devices; cyber security refers to the field devoted to safeguarding such data as well as the technology used to handle or store it.

We’ve all heard this before. Although humans constitute a significant vulnerability in cybersecurity strategy, this is rarely reported on—or, at the very least, it shouldn’t be. However, you can just ask Uber or Rockstar Games if they thought their systems were protected against social engineering.

Because a hacker convinced an employee to act in a manner that was so against all security best practices, you had to question if the victim had ever heard of IT security, both organizations were recently infiltrated.

You’d think that your coworkers would eventually cease falling for what is essentially the oldest trick in the hacking playbook if you were a cybersecurity professional with the duty of informing your users of the threats to which they are exposed.

The defense “I didn’t realize I shouldn’t click email links” is becoming increasingly difficult to swallow because social engineering assaults have been in the public news – not just cybersecurity news – so frequently.

End-user education should be a part of cybersecurity measures, as staff members may unintentionally introduce malware onto the premises on their laptops or mobile devices. Employees who regularly receive security awareness training can help protect their firm from cyber threats.

The consequences of human conduct on cybersecurity do not have a miraculous fix and have to be addressed in a strategic and conscious way.