7 days a weekA critical factor in IT services in Orange County is ensuring that your business gets the IT support it requires. You want to make sure your organization can call timely, knowledgeable support for any IT needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Being able to afford that level of security can be a big challenge for smaller organizations. Even for big companies, any opportunity to lower overhead without threatening the stability or security of operations is welcomed.

Thanks largely to the age of cloud computing and managed services, it’s now eminently possible for even very small businesses to enjoy levels of IT support that rival, or even exceed, those found at the biggest corporations that still use 100 percent in-house solutions. Small businesses tend to have a distinct advantage in this regard as they usually don’t have legacy systems to support. That means they can, with relative ease and speed, deploy new platforms and technologies that provide huge advantages in terms of security, resilience, flexibility, power, and cost.

Here are some key points to establish when you’re shopping for the IT support you need:


Of course, 24/7 IT support is only possible if the provider you use is committed to a philosophy of always-on support. An IT services provider in Orange County needs to make it clear that it’s dedicated to providing the total level of support your business needs. They should demonstrate a track record of delivering on that philosophy, too.


A competent provider doesn’t just mouth aphorisms about leading-edge support. It puts its money where its mouth is by investing in hardware, software, and expertise. With a provider that can deliver on its promise to provide the support you need, you’ll find they provide details of the systems they use, the protocols they follow, and the tools to which you’ll have access to provide a measure of confidence that they really can deliver 24/7 IT support.

Don’t think such investment is only for your benefit, however. A savvy provider knows that by employing state-of-the-art systems, the cost of delivering excellent service is reduced and their ability to deliver the best support is strengthened. They end up looking good because they are good.


When it comes to your confidence in IT support for your business, a lot of the magic lies in communication. Not only do you want to understand what the provider is doing to support your business and how they’re doing it, but you need to know that should something go wrong, or even if you only suspect there might be a problem, you can quickly and easily reach a point of contact who will simply take care of it for you.

A key element of that communication is knowing exactly what your needs are. When you look for IT services in Orange County, a prospective provider should be helping you scope out those requirements. Otherwise, how can they know they can deliver what you need? At Intelecis, Inc., this is just part of what we do. Get in touch to find out more.