Advanced Threats Require Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Persistent Threat Detection and Protection With Intelecis

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Monitoring and Control

The purpose of monitoring and control features is to assist you with automating visibility chores and minimizing your attack surface. Among the features are activity log analysis, report export capabilities, and file integrity monitoring as well as system and application vulnerability detection.

Prevention and Detection

You can use playbooks to automate response activities with response orchestration features. A wide range of events, including as malware, malicious network traffic, compromised credentials, and infected hosts, can be handled with its assistance.

Response Orchestration

A wide range of events, including malware, malicious network traffic, compromised credentials, and infected hosts, can be handled with its assistance.

Response orchestration capabilities can be added to already-installed security measures like firewalls and Active Directory. Alternatively, you can utilize capabilities to react on endpoints directly.

X-Ops 24/7 Advanced Threat Detection and Protection

X-Ops, the Intelecis MDR team of Cybersecurity experts and researchers, is always monitoring your environment to uncover potential threats. X-Ops is the team that employs cutting-edge monitoring and technologies to ensure advanced persistent threats do not slip past your security perimeter.

Advanced Threat Detection and Protection with Intelecis

Block exploit-like behavior

Intelecis keeps an eye on endpoint memory to spot exploitable patterns of behavior, like odd requests for process handles. Most exploits, whether novel or well-known, are the result of these behavioral tendencies. By recognizing these patterns, Intelecis can effectively defend users from Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks and other threats.

Block exploit-derived malware

Sandboxing, process activity monitoring, and ML-based static analysis are just a few of the multiple layers of malware protection used by Intelecis. Additionally, Intelecis provides threat intelligence and fuzzy hashing. This guarantees that Intelecis will stop the malware from executing, preventing any harm from occurring, even if an advanced threat establishes a link with the attacker and downloads additional malware.


Intelecis continuously tracks user behavior, creates a behavioral baseline in real-time, and issues warnings when a variation in behavior is found. This change in behavior can be a sign that a user account has been compromised. Additionally, Intelecis gives users the option to specify user activity policies, with any violations resulting in an alert.


Decoy tokens, such as data files, passwords, network shares, RDP, and others, can be used by Intelecis and are placed on resources inside a secured environment. Because APT actors are very trained, they may be able to avoid detection. Such assailants are drawn in by Intelecis’ ruses, forcing them to reach out and make themselves known.

Uncover hidden threats

Intelecis identifies dangers along the assault chain by focusing on the adversary. By recognizing signs and behaviors across endpoints, users, files, and networks, Intelecis thinks like an opponent. Regardless matter where the attack could attempt to enter, they provide a comprehensive explanation of the attack procedure.

Accurate and precise

With the help of a potent correlation engine, Intelecis’ attack findings are free from excess noise and have almost no false positives. Security teams can respond to urgent occurrences more quickly because of this.

Remedial action can be either manual or automatic. Your security teams will then have a simple yet extremely effective method for stopping, identifying, and responding to sophisticated attacks before they have a chance to cause harm.

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