Hackers are after email accounts for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re looking to gain access to sensitive information contained in emails, or use the account to send spam emails or malware. They may also use the account to conduct phishing attacks, where they try to acquire login credentials and other confidential information by sending out messages pretending to be from a legitimate source.

In this blog, we will talk about the signs that your email has been hacked.

1.You cannot access your email account.


One potential sign that your email has been hacked is when you are unable to access your account. If you try to log into the account and find that it has been locked, or that the password has been changed, then this could be an indication that someone else has gotten access to your account. When hackers gain access to your account, they usually lock you out as soon as possible. There’s a strong possibility you’ve been hacked if your normal email password isn’t working.


2.Your device started performing abnormally or slowly all of a sudden.


If your device suddenly starts running slower than usual or behaving abnormally. This could be a sign that malicious software has been installed onto your device, or someone has gained unauthorized access to your email account. Malware and viruses are commonly installed by hackers to gain access to your inbox.


3. Unwanted emails with password reset links are being sent to you.


This is usually a sign that someone has access to your account and is attempting to reset the password, which can often result in them gaining full access to your email account. A hacker can know which services you use once they have access to your mailbox. For instance, Facebook email alerts inform them that you have an account there. They can then access your accounts by hacking your mailbox and ordering password reset emails to be delivered there.


4. Strange messages can be found in your “Sent” folder.


Another sign that your email may have been hacked is when strange or unfamiliar messages are found in your “Sent” folder. This could mean that someone has gained access to your account and is using it to send out emails without your knowledge. In some instances, a hacker wants to access your email without telling you they’ve done it. Check your sent folder for unusual emails that you didn’t send.


5. Different IP addresses appear in your log.


Another sign that your email may have been hacked is when different IP addresses appear in your login logs. This could indicate that someone is attempting to gain access to your account, as they would need to enter a correct password from the correct IP address. If you notice multiple IP addresses logging into your email account, it’s highly likely that your account has been compromised and you should take appropriate measures to secure it.

The IP addresses that have accessed your account are often logged by many email service providers. This will display the device, type of browser, and geographic location of the person accessing your mailbox. For instance, with Gmail, look for “details” in the inbox’s lower right corner.


6. Your friends and family are getting emails or messages you didn’t send.


This indicates that someone else has access to your account and is using it to send out emails or messages without your knowledge. If a friend asks, “Was this email from you?,” then it was. that most likely indicates that you were hacked. Fraudsters send emails to your contacts in an effort to obtain information or money.


7. Your social media account has weird posts you didn’t make.


If you notice posts that you didn’t make or content that you don’t recognize, it’s likely that someone has gained access to your account and is using it to send out messages without your knowledge. Your email is used by scammers to access your social media accounts, which they then exploit to commit fraud. One typical instance is to log into Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook and send messages to your pals requesting money or account information.


8. Someone set up automatic forwarding to an address you don’t recognize.


If you’re suspicious that your email may have been hacked, one of the most obvious signs is the presence of an automatic email forwarding rule set up to an address that you don’t recognize. This might mean that someone has accessed your account and set up the rule without your knowledge. It’s important to be aware of this kind of activity, as it could lead to more serious consequences such as identity theft or the compromise of sensitive data. To see if a hacker has modified your account settings to forward emails to a different address, check your preferences.


9. The Dark Web has information about your account.


If your email account has suspicious activity, one of the first signs that your email may be hacked is if information about your account has appeared on the Dark Web. The Dark Web is a part of the internet that cannot be accessed through traditional search engines and is where hackers often post stolen information. If any of your personal information, such as passwords or banking information, is shown up on the Dark Web, then it is likely that your email account has been compromised.


Protecting your email account from hackers is essential to keeping your data safe and secure. Your emails are the doors to sensitive data that you have including your social media and your banking that’s why it is very important to protect your email accounts. Avoid giving out personal information, disable file sharing when possible, and be mindful of phishing emails, malicious links, and suspicious websites. Taking these steps can go a long way towards reinforcing your cybersecurity and protecting your email accounts.

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