The key to success for any business is to find the right people to work with. There are many factors that go into this decision and one of the biggest is core values. As your organization grows and changes, it is important to find an IT partner that shares your core values. An IT partner who shares your core values will be able to help you maintain your organization’s infrastructure and data, provide support during emergencies, and help you keep up with ever-changing technology.


Finding the right IT partner is crucial to your company’s success. Hence, here are the core values you need to consider:


1. The VIP treatment

You can see this through how they respond to you. They are quick to respond to your needs but not too quick that they make mistakes. An IT partner that makes you feel special and empathizes with your pain. You need a partner that will be a friend in the good times and a confidant in the bad times. They will put your needs before theirs and do what is best for you and your business. This partner should be transparent, trustworthy, and honest.


2. The Security

Their are a lot of IT companies out there that make promises to their customers but do not deliver. You need to make sure that your IT partner honors their word and that you can count on them especially during trying times.


3. The Big Red Easy Button

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest updates, especially if you are not into technology as much as others are. The right IT partner will make things easier for you. Whether its hardware, software, or cloud-based, there is always a partner that is ready to make your life easier.


4. The Under Promise, Over Deliver

Find that IT partner that is willing to go the extra mile for you. This partner is a great resource, willing to help you with any IT related tasks, and will give you more than what you expect.


5. The Empowerment

It’s not easy to find an IT partner who will empower you. Having an issue with your IT-related tasks is inevitable, that’s why, it is crucial to find a partner who is solution-minded. Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to solve your problem, and if the problem can’t be easily resolved, they will not leave you hanging. Instead, they will assure you that they will provide you onsite support and will let you know that they will escalate further.


6. The Appreciation

It always feels good to be appreciated. Most IT partners don’t do this and will just ignore you once you put on a good review. Find the partner who always shows gratitude, this only means that they are sincere with helping you and wants to build an even deeper relationship with you.

7. The Regular Check-ins

IT partners that do regular check-ins for no reason just shows you that they genuinely care about you and your company and that they are not just selling their services.


Choosing the right IT partner is not always easy. Knowing their core values is a sure way to see if you are compatible to do business with them. It is always important to find a partner who shares the same vision as you for your business and want nothing but success within your relationship. So make sure to find the right one!