According to trends in cybercrime around the world, annual damages will reach $10.5 trillion by 2025, or $11.4 million every minute and $16.4 billion per day. Cybercrime is not just one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, but, according to Cybercrime Magazine, it also constitutes the largest wealth transfer in human history.

These cyber criminals move quietly and swiftly and sometimes you will not have the slightest idea that you are being targeted next. Aside from being aware of the current cyber world situation, it is also best to know simple ways how to keep your business safe from these money stealers.

1.      1.  Always examine your software. Checking to see if your operating system and software are up to date is a simple first step. Because they’ve found a way in, hackers frequently have access to outdated systems. Establish a schedule that checks for any software or system upgrades and executes them as per business policy.

2.       2. Be smarter with passwords. It’s a good idea to use secure passwords (123456 is not permitted) and have their passwords changed frequently. Strong passwords may be created and kept secure using programs like LastPass and 1Password.

3.       3.  Don’t get tricked by unknown emails. Hackers will send emails that appear to be legitimate and request personal information or file downloads from the recipients, giving them access to the system. “Phishing” is the term for this. Remind your staff to confirm their doubts if they even have one before responding to these emails.

4.       4.  Train your employees. Your staff is typically your first line of protection against cyberattacks. Include some cybersecurity training in your onboarding process and employee handbook in addition to having annual cybersecurity conversations.

5.       5. Create Backups! Making regular backups of all your data and files is a useful additional protective measure. Many firms will perform a weekly data backup, therefore this is an excellent procedure to implement. You won’t have to fear that all your information is lost in the event of a security breach this way. And you can determine what information was stolen using those data.

And of course, it is important to be taken care of a cyber security partner that is friendly, professional, and always available. Know more about how to care for your business and your future. Talk to us!