With today’s reliance to technology for keeping businesses afloat, it is not surprising that some industries have challenges with IT especially if their services are far from being knowledgeable with computer-related operations in their day-to-day work. We know you do not need that much knowledge in IT to be excellent companies in the construction industry. But with the competition today, we are sure that your business is trying its best to keep up with the changes as IT is being used as a weapon to make everyday operations more productive and accurate. And of course, with cybersecurity! We know you’ve heard about the cyber attacks over the past years, and your industry is not safe, hackers don’t choose which industry to target, they are simply after those who are vulnerable and easy to infiltrate.


Here are 5 Challenges in IT that the construction industry is facing:


1. Slow adaptation to new technology

The construction industry’s reluctance to adopt new approaches, including technologies that may very well increase worker productivity, is one of the issues that the industry faces. Even when construction companies see the potential benefits of technology solutions, their budgets for new hardware and software often remain fairly modest.


2. Project Delays

When a project is delayed, several contributing elements, such the weather, the nationwide labor shortage, and equipment breakdowns, cannot be controlled. Yet, there are undoubtedly some elements that can be avoided, such as scheduling difficulties, project incompatibilities, and inaccurate data. Human mistake can happen to even the most careful and attentive project managers. Reducing the need for manual management through the use of technology is one of the best methods to control risk.


3. Outdated Software and Technology

Many businesses use outdated technology in the mistaken belief that they are saving money by forgoing investments in modern infrastructure. And although doing so might save you money on purchases, your budget might suffer in other ways. According to studies, businesses that use antiquated technology suffer financial losses due to lower staff morale and efficiency. There is no reason to test that in a situation where staff retention is already a problem because workers demand the appropriate tools for the task.

Your old technology is less likely to operate with new equipment you buy since usage and maintenance expenses rise as equipment gets older. It’s likely that your software is also out-of-date if your hardware is. You find yourself working with outdated software that is not only less effective but can also expose your company to security risks because newer software might not be compatible with your antiquated hardware.


 4. Cybersecurity

Due to the breach of sensitive information, cyberattacks can paralyze business activities and expose your organization to liabilities from staff, suppliers, and clients. Cyberattacks in the construction industry can take the form of hackers breaking into your system and obtaining confidential company information, customer and employee data, pricing data, and sensitive financial records.

A recent poll indicated that more than 75% of respondents in the fields of construction, engineering, and infrastructure have encountered some form of cybersecurity issue within the past year, so even if you think it couldn’t happen to you, be aware that the threat is real.


5. Cash Flow

Cash flow is frequently the determining factor in what you can accomplish for any firm. Building new infrastructure costs a lot of money and can tie up key resources. Surprise costs, though, can make you act if you’re using outdated equipment and crossing your hopes that nothing breaks. Because of this, choosing the correct IT service provider can help you save time and money.


Your company can do so much more and be secured from future threats if you learn how to overcome these challenges. One great thing to help your business is to outsource your IT to a reputable company, not only will you save time and increase productivity, you will also be saving a lot of money and secure your company’s data.


If you have questions on how to overcome these challenges, feel free to contact us today.