Data backupMass data loss can happen at any time, but employing an IT support provider in Orange County will help ensure that your data backup and recovery solutions remain up to date. On the other hand, failure to use an IT security provider can result in devastating consequences as data loss can cripple the operations of any company and make it difficult to recover. Here are just a few of the ways that a managed security service provider (MSSP) can keep your data backup and recovery solutions up-to-date:

1. Avoid Complacency

One of the main reasons for data loss is whenever companies fail to take adequate action and get into lazy habits. However, partnering with an IT security provider can help your organization avoid complacency and remain up-to-date on the latest practices to counteract these cyber threats. An MSSP can also ensure that each data backup is working correctly and will immediately fix any issues before they develop into a severe problem. This proactive approach can prevent a lot of problems from occurring and it makes the investment in an MSSP well worth it for companies large or small.

2. Frequent Upgrades

The world of technology is continually changing and one of the benefits of employing an IT support provider in Orange County is that it will allow your business access to the latest technology. Instead of using the same data backup hardware from 10 years ago, your company will receive frequent upgrades to ensure that you are receiving the best protection possible. Each update will also be accompanied by patch notes, detailing all of the changes, as being in constant communication is one of the keys to success for any business.

3. Regular Testing

Another advantage of using an IT security provider is that your company will receive frequent evaluations of your data backup and recovery plans. No one wants to hope that an untested disaster recovery plan will work in the face of disaster. Instead, it is essential that an MSSP will frequently test the data backup plan and look for any improvements. Of course, some businesses may require a higher level of security and an MSSP can minimize any security vulnerabilities while ensuring that all of the data remains encrypted.

Employing an IT support provider in Orange County offers many advantages, which includes gaining access to┬ástate-of-the-art data backup and recovery plan. Intelecis is an MSSP that helps companies of all sizes take advantage of the latest security measures. We understand the vast amount of threats that businesses face on a daily basis. We can keep your company’s confidential information safe and protected from cyber attacks, natural disasters, or even hardware failure. We have tech experts who will monitor your business ’round-the-clock and will ensure that your data backup and recovery plans remain up-to-date with the latest technology available. We believe that we can help businesses avoid complacency by regularly testing and providing frequent security upgrades to ensure that everything is operating at optimal levels. Contact us now if you have any additional questions or wish to learn more about data backup and recovery solutions.