An IT services provider in Orange County can help each employee develop a secure password that can keep your data safe from unauthorized users. Certainly, strong passwords are critical for your business. A password is a gateway to all of your data, so it is critical to ensure that each password is unique and cannot be easily guessed by a hacker or a brute force cyber attack. Here are four tips for creating an effective password:

1. Avoid Common Phrases

Many passwords are extremely weak as they consist of common passwords, whether it is “123456” or “password1”. Instead of using these easy passcodes, it is much more effective to use a password that consists of at least eight or more characters, with uppercase and lowercase letters. Including symbols and numbers will also increase the complexity and make it very difficult for anyone to gain access to your account. Some employees find it useful to create a password by converting a sentence into an acronym and using the numbers and letters in replace of the word. Whatever you choose, an IT security provider can ensure that each employee has a secure password that cannot be easily guessed.

2. Change Passwords Frequently

An IT Services provider in Orange County can also guarantee that each employee changes his or her password on a regular basis. Typically, it is a good idea to replace a password every 90 days, but it may need to be changed even sooner, depending on the account. Of course, never reuse an older password because that defeats the purpose of replacing passwords on a regular basis. An IT security provider can make it mandatory to change passwords after a certain amount of days, which is just one more layer of protection against the vast array of cyber threats.

3. Avoid Using The Same Password For Multiple Accounts

Many employees make the simple mistake of using the same password for every account. This is a significant security issue because it makes it much easier for cybercriminals to gain access to all of your data once they hack into just one account. If you struggle with trying to remember so many different passwords, you can use a password manager that will keep track of all of your passcodes. This will only require you to remember the original passcode of the password manager.

4. Two-Factor Authentication

Another useful service provided by a cybersecurity company is the ability to use two-factor authentication. Instead of just relying on a passcode, you will also use another temporary code, whether it is sent to your phone or email. Two-factor authentication is just another way to keep your accounts secure and out of the hands of cybercriminals.

Partnering with an IT services provider in Orange County can help ensure that each employee has a strong and unique password for each account. Intelecis is an IT security provider that helps companies avoid becoming the victim of the wide variety of cyber attacks. Our IT technicians are highly trained in cybersecurity and can provide guidance on the best security practices, whether it is creating complex passwords or avoiding scams. Contact us now if you wish to know more about password security.