Computer security will once again be one of the main risks of the year. Experts recommend users of new technologies, such as computers or mobile devices, to make an effort to avoid attacks and identity thefts.

 Data is one of the most valuable digital assets in companies, for this reason, computer criminals work daily to access them and be able to take advantage of the vulnerability of companies in the management of their information. No doubt, this is where computer security plays an important role.

 Despite the thousands of cases of people and organizations that have been affected by the insecurity that exists on the Internet, today, this is an issue that many users still do not know or decide to ignore.


 Strong password

 Although it is one of the most repeated recommendations, many users still neglect to create robust passwords, at least to access their email. The feeling that “we are not important” does not work today, as we increasingly store sensitive information on various platforms.

 Also, and despite not being recognized personalities, we are not exempt from suffering an attack, such as that suffered by the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Gold services. Experts remember that a safe and simple way to be protected is to use unique codes for each website and a super unique one for your primary email address.


 Many operating systems offer the possibility of backing up easily and using their cloud storage system. Be that as it may, it is important to keep all the material that we consider important in a safe place, for example, physical disks or our cloud computing systems.

 Store all your information to be able to access it at any time, in a safe way, of course, and verify its operation. Thus, you will always have your data in case of any disaster and avoid having to pay to recover them,” they consider.


 Phishing will continue as one of the main mechanisms to steal personal information. Phishing contemplates a crime, but you have to be careful. «You should not only consider this year to learn its meaning but, above all, also to avoid it. Checking the links on the websites and checking their file extension will help you with this goal,” they say.


Beware of illegal downloads

 Experts point out that many of the pirated content that can be found online include viruses and help the spread of “malware.” All in all, I could become one of the usual ways cybercriminals have to enter our devices. “The best way to avoid them is not to download this content and be cautious when using torrent networks,” they consider.

 Every day more companies have consumer or customer data and therefore require greater security. It is not surprising that often in high-level positions, they appoint experts in computer security; this is a recognition that this aspect is an integrated factor in the new business processes.

 The IT Security is everyone’s problem is not only the responsibility of the departments of information technology but if you are responsible for the security of your company would not hurt you to apply the above points.