We know, for small businesses, cybersecurity should be the least of your concerns. Your focus is on growing your business and to thrive against any economic crisis. But cybersecurity threats are inevitable. Let’s face it, we now live in a world filled with cybercriminals who go on with their day victimizing just about any business they can easily target.


Being a victim of a cyberattack is very damaging to your business. Your business may be small but it is your business, and it is very important to you. You just want it to grow, thrive, and of course, keep it afloat as you and your employees’ livelihood depend on it.


The first step to somehow prevent a cyberthreat from ever occurring is to at least know what they are. For small business, here are the 3 biggest cybersecurity threats:



Internet of Things (IoT) Leaks

The IoT is expanding as real-time data collecting becomes more crucial. Companies are purchasing IoT devices in large quantities for a variety of uses, including traffic monitoring, real-time patient data collection, and improving business machinery uptime. These gadgets aren’t always secure, though. The Information Security Forum (ISF) cautions that this could lead to the development of a backdoor into the company.


IoT functions so well because it consists of numerous undetectable devices. But because IoT devices lack built-in security, hackers frequently find them to be simple targets. Attackers frequently use automated software to find IoT devices. Attackers attempt to connect to the device using the default admin credentials once they have located it. And since the majority of users don’t change them, the attacker typically succeeds in doing so. Once inside, the hackers can quickly install malware, thereby seizing control of the system.


It is advised that when acquiring a new device, you need to change the default password with a  unique one right away.


Opaque Algorithms

Businesses lose visibility into how their systems work together and interact as long as they continue to put their complete reliance on algorithms for key system operation and decision-making. If unintentional interactions between algorithms lead to incidents, the absence of sufficient and transparent interactions between algorithms makes up a security risk.


Businesses need a person to oversee the execution of operations and choices that are frequently entrusted to algorithms in order to control these risks. Businesses should be aware of the risks associated with algorithm-controlled systems and understand when to involve humans. Additionally, when insurance is not an option, businesses must adjust their code maintenance procedures and come up with alternate methods of treating algorithm-related incidents.


Security Researchers are Being Silenced

Security researchers spread awareness about cyber risks, ensuring the safety of systems and the confidentiality of user information. It’s frequently a loss for all users when they are silenced, whether by the government or by private businesses. Users and organizations rely on researchers to find vulnerabilities and make them public as part of ongoing efforts to improve security because software has replaced hardware in the majority of important industries. However, lately, instead of collaborating with researchers to address those vulnerabilities, manufacturers have reacted to such efforts by filing lawsuits. According to the ISF, this pattern will further intensify, exposing consumers to flaws that manufacturers have chosen to conceal rather than address.


Small businesses must insist on transparency during the procurement process in order to protect themselves. Manufacturers are recommended to respond to vulnerabilities discovered in their systems more favorably by thanking the researchers rather than seeking to punish them.


Technology has given us a lot of advantage when it comes to managing and operating our businesses. But with advantages comes risks. It is your job as a business owner to know these risks as hackers nowadays are targeting just any business that is easy to infiltrate. Knowing these threats is the first step. It is vital that you take cybersecurity seriously and how to prevent these threats from ever happening. Of course, you want to make sure that you are protected, hiring a company for their cybersecurity services would be the best choice for you. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your cybersecurity, instead, you can just focus on growing your business.


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